High quality, original, amateur content wherever possible. All photos are individually checked by moderators and any resized photo will be rejected as low quality.
Photos will be rejected for the following reasons:

Low quality – Blurry, grainy etc.
Too young – No preteens. Let’s keep the girls legal please.
Too old – There’s plenty of sexy adult picture sites already. Let’s keep this website full of hot younger girls.
Nudity – Obviously no nudity.
See-Thru – No see-thru clothing.
Watermark – No pictures that advertise other sites.
Not Hot – If she’s not hot, she’s not coming in.
Borders – Pics with huge borders are annoying.
Can’t Determine Age – Make sure the girl’s face is clearly visible to give our moderators a chance of telling how old the girl is.
Personal info – Please check the picture and make sure no personal information, such as the girl’s full name, school name, social media account, etc is included.

One image per post – unless it is ALL PART OF SET (Same girl/Scene).

NN Models Are Fine – But NO SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE poses or see-thru clothes.

If the upload is not working please let us know at [email protected].

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